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Monday, May 03, 2010
Welcome to Everyday New Thought
By Terrie Wurzbacher
Monday, May 03, 2010 08:57
Welcome to the membership site sponsored by Getting Unstuck, LLC - a New Thought (metaphysical) company of Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher and Dr. Anne Kunath. Take a look around at the titles and see if there's anything you'd be interested in. Here's just one example of the varied type of content we offer. In addition to over 100 hours of audio contained within the membership halls, there are videos such as this one - the weekly phrase of the week. Enjoy and we'll see you on the other side...

Phrase of The Week

"Rich people are greedy" - where have you heard that. Have you heard people talk about Bill Gates and all the charitable work he does, especially for AIDS, and then people always end with "yeah, if I had that much money, I could afford to do what he does too." or "Yeah, but think of the tax break he gets", or something along those lines. Why don't you try to stop without the "yeah, but" on it.

If you've been "taught" (meaning your subconscious has been programmed) that rich people are greedy. And if you've been taught that you shouldn't be greedy, guess what? You'll NEVER be rich! How do you like that? Examine your belief systems.



Sunday, Apr 25, 2010
Phrase of the Week - Are You Fed Up?
By Terrie Wurzbacher
Sunday, Apr 25, 2010 09:02
Here's another Phrase of the Week - How many times do you hear people say (or perhaps you utter this yourself) "I'm fed up with...."

What are you telling your subconscious mind when you say this? Do you have weight problems? Maybe this is contributing to it. Think about it and eliminate it from your vocabulary.


Sunday, Apr 18, 2010
Phrase of the Week - "I'm Sick and Tired..."
By Terrie Wurzbacher
Sunday, Apr 18, 2010 09:07
Another Phrase of the Week.

How often do you hear people say "I'm sick and tired of...."?

Do you find yourself using the same wording?

What do you think your subconscious mind is hearing? It's hearing that you are, indeed, sick and tired. Is that what you want to be? I don't think so. Watch this week's video and see what you can eliminate from your vocabulary to make your life better.


3 Mistakes in Using the "Show Me" Command
Terrie Wurzbacher
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Don't Force Things - Emmet Fox
Terrie Wurzbacher
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Can't Be Dones - Emmet Fox
Terrie Wurzbacher
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Free Will or Fate? - Emmet Fox
Terrie Wurzbacher
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Mind Your Own Business - Emmet Fox
Terrie Wurzbacher
Mind Your Own Business - Emmet Fox   . . . keep reading
What You Think Upon Grows - Emmet Fox
Terrie Wurzbacher
Emmet Fox - What You Think Upon Grows You can find this in your life ever . . . keep reading
 Affirmation of the Week
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Here's what our members are saying ...

"Searching for answers - and making some progress toward my desires but KNOWING I could do so much more.

That's where I was.....

and every time I'd "ask" for help IMMEDIATELY an email from you would pop into my in basket.... so I figured I'd check it out.  I listened to a few of your teleseminars and jumped on the "Everyday New Thought Member Site" as soon as it opened.

Being rather new to the New Thought movement I started (as you suggested) with the "Start here" and then the "Art of Making Things Happen". Well, I have to tell you, things are happening! Here are a couple of highlights.....

I began with Denials and Affirmations on finances and this month (despite my husband being laid off all month) -on my normal income alone- I paid my bills and still have quite a bit of money in the bank and there are still a few days left to the month! How that happened I cannot say, but it did!

Also I have been affirming that I need more acknowledgments and appreciation and to my complete surprise my husband, who always thought housework was simply for women, began to help around the house! Our relationship is also healing in a wonderful fashion. My sons have even surprised me with fun things!

I just love how the universe is surprising and delighting me.

After 12 years of working with the Law of Attraction, I finally found the piece that was missing for me.  Now I am beginning to see the Law of Attraction in work as I want it to be and it's growing stronger every day!

Imagine how I'll be after I get even deeper into your community and join a mastermind group, get involved in the discussion boards and listen/read more of your wisdom!

Being a part of this Every Day New Thought Community is like immersing myself in a warm bath of love, hope and positive expectations..... wow!

Thanks so much Drs. Terrie and Anne for your dedication and love!"

Marianne S.
Central NY

"Let me say the stuff on helping vs. hindering has helped me put things into perspective. I'm working (on myself) to let my son live his lesson and I'm asking for "guidance" to know when I need to get involved, when I need to talk to the therapist and when I just need him to live the consequences of his non action.  Until he makes the connections himself nothing will change .....and I'm a rescuer by nature. I am looking for the good in it and expecting he'll come through fine in the end - easier said than done but I get better every day."

Liz S.
New York

"Here are my results for the last two weeks.  AMAZING!!!
My tenant paid me the 3400 dollars she owed me in back rent!

A check came from an insurance account that I have been fighting for 143.00

Received 45 dollars that was owed to me since Christmas.

Free advertising for my business from an International Magazine

Free advertising on YOUR website.

My artwork displayed at a print shop.

Asked to display merchandise at a silent auction.

Free weekend at my cousin's cottage....she offered it out of the blue!

2 orders on my website from people I don't know!!


Blue Abele
Honduras/part time in Royal Oak, Michigan

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